Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ways To 'See' and 'Feel' Your Eternal Energy...

Who remembers 'Star Wars?' ...The saying that followed for a generation was 'May the force be with you!'

Now, in 2011, modern science is starting to overlap into spirituality and recognize that there is indeed a 'force' or energy that flows through, underpins and that is, the universe. Not just this physical dimension...but all dimensions. Science now accepts that that energy is influenced by thoughts (consciousness) and expectations of the observer. In short, the scientists get the results they expect to see!

As we are all consciousness, all connected to the universe, in effect...all is one... we CAN influence out lives.

This post is to help you 'see' and 'feel' the energy of consciousness (or at least one level of it).

So..here we go!

First, find a darkish background and a shaded room. Rub you hands together vigorously. Next, as per the picture, put your fingertips together, and slowly move them apart, whilst looking at the wall of darkish background behind. Try not to focus on your fingers, but on the background. You should be able to see a greyish-white 'mist' between your fingers. Some see 'waves' of energy or light..the important thing is, practice rubbing your hands together and trying to see the 'flow'... once you do..you'll be able to accept the idea that you are energy, in the form of consciousness, much more easily.

Here's another little way I teach people how to 'feel' their energy.
As before, rub your hands together vigorously. Where you do it this time doesn't matter, as we're trying to 'feel' rather than 'see' the flow. (But you can try to see it if you feel you want to).
As in the picture, place your writing hand at 90 degrees to your non-writing hand. Now...focus on your non-writing hand and slowly move your writing hand up and down. Try different distances, but you should feel the flow as a 'tingle' or 'coldness' as the fingertips pass down the non-writing hand.

Good luck with the little exercises... I hope they work for you...and that you can both 'see' and 'feel' the energy you possess, and energy and flow that we ALL possess and use daily...most of us without knowing it!

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Luna said...

I've been saying it since I was little...

" we are all energy...stop and feel it daily... for it feels you"

nothing better somes days than taking a moment or two to close my eyes and see all the places I can be at any given time :~)

have an awesome day..
thanks for floating by and reminding me today