Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some Simple Ways to Have Happy Experiences.

Happiness is a ‘now you feel it, now you don’t’ kind of emotion.  I know this from personal experience and from hearing of the experiences of others.  Sometimes I’m very happy, other times, sad, joyful, contented, frustrated, and sometimes very neutral.

There are many small things that can make me happy as well as give me endless joy.  I’ve listed seven simple methods that I use toward experiencing a happy moment, but first check you have a reference point to the word happy.  Find out what 'happy' really means to you?

1.    Remember or create a ‘happy’ moment.  When you live the experience of being ‘happy’ your mind, body and soul will remember!  Feel the happiness in all parts of you, expand this feeling if need be. Practise this daily.

2.    Access the Present moment.  Notice what happens to you when you’re totally focused on a comedy programme on television, when you listen to light hearted music or when you dance - even if it’s on your own.  I sometimes groove to a tune by the computer when no-one’s looking – it makes me feel good, cool, gives me a break from what I’m doing and I laugh at myself! (I'm sure you would too if you saw me!)

3.    Invite friends over for some play time.  Organise paper, crayons, paint, and coloured pencils, have a few drinks and play party games whatever you can think of and do some drawings or paintings.  You could also ask each person to bring along a plate of food. Good friends doing fun things together is great fun!

 4.    Spend time with nature. Go for a walk down to the beach or park; observe wildlife in your area or visit a plant nursery.  Notice your mood when amongst the spirit of nature, see how it lifts you.

5.    Take something with you that gives you great pleasure. It could be a book, journal for writing or your MP3 player and sit and ‘Be’ under the canopies of trees for a few hours, or on the beach

6.    Learn something totally new. That can be anything, such as another language; pottery or painting, photography or start your meditation, personal or spiritual development program.  You’re only ever limited by your own imagination.  

7.    Join a club or group that you have an interest in.  You can then expand your friendship base with other like-minded souls, share ideas and experiences. Good friends are a real boost when it comes to happiness levels..

With any of the above activities assess what and how you’re feeling as well as where you feel the emotion and how much are you laughing, grinning, or smiling?  Remember them totally by living the experience, in the moment, and you will then be able to recall that memory when you want to.

Include in your memories your experiences, and feelings of colours, smells, sounds and tastes – all the better for remembering your happy time with!.

Quiet time spent alone can open the door to the possibility of connection to that most amazing and magical part of you that is your true self, the spirit within, that which we all seek to find..

From my experience the key to a happy life begins with remembering who you are, know what gives you enjoyment, being present, and know that regardless of your circumstances no–one can take away your thoughts or dreams, they are yours to keep for as long as you wish.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Where Souls Meet: Soul Sharing

The more you know and understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this post you'll, hopefully'  find that the subject of human beings meeting in soul is truly an everyday event.

This can, and does happen in a number of ways:

You can do this as you care for a dying loved one.

You can do this when you offer forgiveness to someone who has harmed you.

You do this any time you reach out to help someone in need.

You meet in soul when a baby is born.

You meet in soul each moment of living when you remember who you are.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and the so-called gurus is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading and living, you'll be that much closer to maturity status when it comes to living in soul. Learning how to live in soul requires reflective analysis and the ability to learn from your mistakes. In so doing, we gain in wisdom through remembering who and what we really are. The instant we remember we are souls having a human experience creates in us a journey into what is most sacred to us.

This is the key to maturing in soul. "Insight" means to see from within. The moment you begin to see through your eyes and not just with them makes you a visionary. A "Visionary" follows his or her dreams or inner visions within them. This is an "act in faith" as though something is already here before it arrives. At this point, you begin to put into place the details of your overall vision through yourself and others.

If your inner vision involves helping someone, yourself, or something die, you will need to draw much of your attention inward. This enables  you to create a vision that will help someone or yourself find comfort in becoming more soul than body over time. If your task is to help something or an event die, your job is to transform this experience into something different. Nothing stays the same. We are all in constant transformation. Transformation means to go beyond form. It is out of the formless all things become form. Everyone of us have this capacity.

Somehow, in the midst of change and sharing our joys and our sorrows, our hearts meet to care. This is the level of soul care and soul healing not meant to be understood, but rather, embraced. Here our souls meet and come to fulfill a purpose and a destiny.

Hopefully the sections advice and info above have helped your understanding of Souls meeting one another. Please share your new understanding about where and how souls can meet with others. I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

For more information on this author; http://www.soulandspirit.org