Monday, 15 August 2011

Out of Body..But I Don't Mind...

The other day I was a passenger on a bus. Not very interesting in itself, but with my habit of 'people watching and listening' it proved a very informative day.

Listening to a couple of elderly people complaining about rising prices and having a 'competition' to see whose state of health was worst!

Listening to a group of young mums all battling to say there child was the brightest, the smartest, the most athletic and the most likely to do well in life.

Listening to a group of older teenagers saying how they couldn't find they'd tried but given up in the hope that they could get free government handouts and training.

And finally, the bus driver, saying how he wished he could win the lottery so he could live the life of his dreams.

So many sad and despondent people, so many people in competition with one another, people with no hope or future that they could see.

And I asked myself the this the way society (and millions of people) across the globe see the world?? ..Could this be one of the reasons behind the recent uprisings in the middle east?... Or the riots in the UK?

Inspiration, hope, love and a helping hand are so urgently needed at this time. Maybe a realization of who and what they are would this post and the ones that follow are dedicated to all those people...

I would like you to read this, then close your eyes and try it out... not once or twice, but everyday. It will remind you of who you REALLY are, WHERE you are and help you find WHY you are here, now, at this time.

Sit or lay down, take a few deep, controlled breaths and close your eyes. Continue to focus on your breathing, slowly, but deeply in and out. As you focus on your breathing, sounds around you will fade into the distance as you become focused only on your breathing.

Feel yourself becoming very light, light as a feather, gently floating..allow yourself to rise...gently and slowly.

What will happen?

Your first step to an out of body experience. Some people do it first time, others a little longer. It varies depending on how relaxed you are and how powerful your visualizations become.

You may hear sounds (like the wind, music or voices).. these are natural, so don't worry. You're simply moving to another energy level, slightly higher than this physical plane ( some would say the astral plane).

Practice this technique and you can have some wonderful experiences..and always keep in mind.. YOU are in control.. I'll explain more in my next post.

Until then... Happy Travelling!

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