Sunday, 28 November 2010

Reclaiming Your Inner Spiritual Guidance

As humanity becomes more connected through the technologies of communication, it is also becoming easier to become disconnected from our own selves. The necessary quiet time, which we need, that develops our natural, inborn connection with intuition and spiritual guidance can no longer be so easily found in our daily lives, and this can cause feelings of overwhelming meaninglessness, together with an inner sense of disharmony and emptiness.

In today’s world, as we face unprecedented challenges both individually and collectively, there’s also a very high level of daily stress that is constantly affecting our bodies, our minds and our emotions. Our daily lives are filled with intensity as we witness widespread social, political and climate change, uncertainty about the future, and fear of the unknown.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the effect of a greater spiritual light expanding on the Earth, which is helping us to awaken spiritually, but is also creating a major cleansing process for us on all levels … spiritually, emotionally and physically. The pain of the past that we may have buried from our waking consciousness begins to surface into our awareness, bringing old feelings or physical symptoms to light.

We all develop ways to cope with the increasing levels of stress in our lives today. There are many spiritual tools and transformational supports that can help you in reclaiming your inner connection with yourself. Once you create an intention to reconnect with your inner self, you will begin to draw to yourself the people, situations, and supports you need.

One of the most useful and simple ways to navigate through these very difficult times is to develop a deeper connection with your natural intuitive spiritual guidance. Inner guidance is a gift from our soul to our embodied, human self which we all have access to.

Some of us are more attuned to this part of ourselves, especially those who are artists, musicians, athletes, or whose work involves healing. Some of us may have learned to “turn off” this inner gift, because of childhood pressure to conform to social standards.

No matter how connected or disconnected you may feel from your inner spiritual guidance, everyone has the capacity to nurture, develop and strengthen this very important part of ourselves.

Living with an active and awake inner spiritual guidance system offers us the opportunity to perceive and experience a whole new creative dimension of life. The universe of spiritual reality is vast and when intuition is activated, new experiences begin to open and create vaster and more meaningful possibilities.

In addition to expanding our daily experience of life, developing intuition and spiritual guidance serves to create a depth of connection to inner truth. If you’ve ever witnessed the simple and profound clarity of truth that comes from small children who have not yet learned to censor their inner guidance, you’ll have some idea of what is possible for yourself.

In today’s world where there are many sources of information that may or may not be accurate or truthful, your spiritual guidance and intuition can offer a clarity of direction in situations where it may not otherwise be possible to know what is real. As your intuition becomes more highly developed, you will be able to sense the presence of or the lack of love, light and warmth in people. You will be able to more easily discern what feels true or false to you, beyond the words that people say or the appearances that are presented.

In today’s world there is much at stake, and many choices are presented to us each day about who to listen to, and where to place our attention, time, and trust. If we are disconnected from ourselves and the center of our own being, then it is easier for us to be swayed in directions that depart from love and truth that we may later regret. Developing our inner spiritual guidance offers the precious gift of discernment, allowing us to see clearly what is true and what is not, and to navigate more easily in the great complexities and challenges that we face in today’s world.

50 Questions to help find your Life’s Purpose.

Shall we get straight on with it?

If you want to live a happy life, then you MUST spend some time deciding what you want to do with your life, where you want to be and where you want to go, and then make the effort to live that life with a passion.

It’s up to you!

No-one else is going to do it for you, it's up to you. I'm hoping the following questions will help you bring your life into focus, and show you where you want to go, not where others may decide you should go.

So, take some time out from your busy day-to-day routine, and consider the following questions.

1. What is my life’s purpose?

2. If I had to take a best guess at my life’s purpose, what would it be?

3. Who am I?

4. What is the most important thing in my life?

5. What do I love to do, more than anything else?

6. If I had only six months left to live, what would I like to achieve?

7. What would I like to leave the world, as my legacy?

8. What would I do with my life, if I knew I could not fail?

9. If money, or time, or current responsibilities were not an issue, what would I like to do with my life, more than anything else in the world?

10. What activities have I discovered that give me the most pleasure?

11. What do I still want to learn?

12. When I was a child, what did I dream of doing with my life?

13. What has been the greatest challenge that I have overcome so far in my life? Could I help other people to overcome that same challenge?

14. What challenge would I love to overcome, and then help others achieve the same?

15. Who are the people I most admire?

16. Why do I admire these people?

17. How would I define their life’s purpose?

18. What qualities do these people possess that I’d also like to be known for?

19. What is the biggest dream I have ever had for my life?

20. What subjects did I enjoy most in school?

21. What sport have I most enjoyed?

22. What art or craft have I most enjoyed?

23. What social activity have I most enjoyed?

24. What hobbies have I pursued?

25. What hobbies do I wish I had pursued?

26. What would I like to do, if only other people didn’t think it was silly?

27. Where in the world would I most like to live?

28. Who would I like to live there with?

29. Where in the world would I like to work?

30. Who would I most like to work with?

31. What would my perfect day be like?

32. Is there a spiritual side to me, waiting to be unleashed?

33. What would I like to do, RIGHT NOW, which would bring me the most happiness or pleasure?

34. What special gift do I have that I could give to the world?

35. What makes me cry with joy, or brings tears to my eyes?

36. What would I like to do this weekend, just for fun?

37. If I could be granted the power to change the world, what would I do?

38. If I were given three wishes, what would they be?

39. What is something that scares me a bit, but would be really exciting if I did it?

40. What does my heart say I am to do with my life?

41. What qualities do I possess that I am really proud of?

42. What have I done in my life that I am really proud of?

43. If I had time available to contribute to a charity, or some cause, what would it be?

44. What am I usually doing when I suddenly realise that time has flown by, and all my focus has been on that one task?

45. What do I want to do on my next vacation?

46. Who in history would I most love to be, and why?

47. What do I most regret not doing, so far in my life?

48. At the end of my life, what would I most regret not having done?

49. What is my life’s purpose?

50. If I had to take a best guess at my life’s purpose, and just get started with something that excites me, what would it be?

Ponder these questions for a while. Pick out one that you can really relate to, and ask yourself the question over and over and over, until you have an answer.

The answers are within you. If you ask, you will receive your answer.

You can live a life of purpose. You can live a life of passion and success! Ask, until you get your answer. And then take massive action. It’ll be worth it, that's a promise.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Who Are You…Really??

I've been talking a lot lately about past life regression and hypnosis, and how the two can be combined and used to help people help themselves. Ultimately, we all have our own life path, or journey, to follow, so that we learn the lessons we came onto this plane to learn.

Regression and hypnosis can clear the path to discovering who you really are. Not the 'mask' you wear in this lifetime, but the face behind that 'mask'. You are not a 'businessman' or' woman', you're not an office clerk or production worker, nor a psychic or cab driver....

In my regressions, dreams and meditations I've 'traveled' to different times and places, but the one thing that remains constant is the 'observer' behind everything I've seen and felt.

That 'observer' is the soul, the life force, the higher consciousness that is really what I am. That soul that I am has only one 'emotion', that of love. Love of all things. That love is also felt as that everything is right and as it should be. Joy that, even though this life may be one of many, there is an eternity before me, as an eternity has already passed. To explain the feelings is truly beyond my capability in words. You need to experience it to know and understand.

So, to help you find that experience, I'd like to share a method I use.

I like to lay quietly on my bed, and have some relaxing and inspiring music playing. ( I personally listen to Enigma, Era and Enya amongst others). I then focus on my breathing, breathing in for the count of 7 through the mouth and out for the same time through the nose. When you finish breathing out, there's always a little bit of air left in your lungs, so really push that out as well before you breathe in again. I carry on this breathing technique for a couple of minutes, until I feel completely relaxed.

Then I use self hypnosis. I give myself permission (mentally) to allow my soul to travel to wherever it needs or wants to go. I follow this by progressive relaxation suggestions such as:

I am now relaxing, relaxing...every part of my body is now relaxing..deeper and deeper..realxing....unwinding and letting go...with every breath I take I relax..deeper and deeper...relaxing...unwinding...unwinding..deeper and deeper...sounds round about me just fade into the I relax..deeper and deeper...I focus only on these words as those sounds fade away...and I relax...deeper...deeper...totally relaxed.....

I repeat the suggestions above until I am totally relaxed. The in my mind, I 'imagine' ( or visualize) my mind 'expanding' beyond my body...I 'see' myself laying on the bed, and going throught the roof, then out into the stars. Once I am are 'out there,' if I want to see a previous life, I imagine a door in space. I tell myself that it's the door to a previous lifetime, open it and go through.

If I want to 'time travel' I 'see' a a sci fi channel 'worm hole'..and I go through it, knowing that I will go to where I desire to be.

You may well meet other souls on you travels, but you will always sense the presence of other spirits..these are usually you 'spirit guides and 'guardian angels.' The one thing I always notice is the love that I feel when I free myself from the physical side. I remember the film 'Ghost', where at the end Sam (Patrick Swaze) says it's incredible, you take the love with you. That is so true. Once you raise your consciousness, and 'unlimit' your mind, you connect with the universe..all that is..and you discover that two things matter. Love and Knowledge..I like to think of it as Knowledge of love and love of knowledge, because when both are applied, wisdom is the result.

To come back from your journey, just decide to return, tell yourself you'll remember every detail, and slowly open your eyes. When you truly connect to all that is, you realize there is so much more to you than what you previously believed. The whole experience changes your fundamental views of life and the people around you. You realize that your life is your creation, your choices, your responsibility and your lessons to be learnt. Most of all, you have more genuine love for everyone and everything. And you understand that the love you feel and radiate lifts the whole of creation a little higher up the evolutionary scales.

I always belive that those that seek will find, so if you're reading this, it was meant to be for a I wish you love and success on your travels, and would be more than happy to hear of any experiences you'd like to share.....

A Quick Way to Relaxation….zzzzz

I wrote this article as part of a hand-out for a 'talk' I was giving, and it's proved useful for many. many people. So on that basis, I hope it will be useful to many more yet. I'll dedicate it to Tara, a young lady (I hope she doesn't mind me calling her that!) from the US that is having a very tough time at the moment..hang on in Tara..nothing is ever permanent..everything matter who you are or where you're at..

So,'s the article:

There are many ways in which to induce a tranquil, relaxed state of mind, in which the body is still, and the conscious mind is simply placed aside for a while as the subconscious mind assumes a more dominant role, and allows the therapeutic cognitive processes which are innate in all of us to become active.

This state of mind, known as the hypnotic state is very simply created by;
Focusing one’s attention.
Relaxing the body.
Allowing unnecessary thoughts to enter, then exit, without any rationalisation.

This process can be easily accomplished by the technique that follows. It is known as the “Eye Roll Technique’, and is a very old but powerful way of entering a safe therapeutic hypnotic trance. When in this relaxed state of mind, it is possible to offer oneself any positive suggestions or affirmations in order to bring about the changes which you desire. Examples of positive statements and affirmations are given further on.

If possible, find yourself a quiet place and either sit down or lie down comfortably.
Roll up your eyes, just as if you were trying to look at your eyebrows.
Allow your eyelids to slowly close, and as you do so, take in a deep breath and hold it.

As you slowly exhale, allow your upturned eyes to return to their normal position.

As you finish exhaling, enjoy that gentle, floating sensation that you will experience.
At the same time, imagine your right hand to be very light, like it has a childs helium balloon tied to it making it rise gently. You may be surprised at the ease by which your hand and arm seem to float up by themselves.
This floating hand signal is a signal from your subconscious mind that you are entering a state of deep relaxation.

As you remain in this deeply relaxed, hypnotic state of mind, offer yourself any positive, therapeutic suggestions which you feel will help to bring about the changes you really want or need.
Remain in this state for 10-20 minutes, that’s really all that’s needed.

You can repeat the process as many times a day as you like.

Roll up your eyes behind your closed eyelids.
Very slowly, allow your eyelids to open, and the eyes to focus.
Make a tight fist with your right hand, and as you do, allow this light floating hand to drift down into a comfortable position. As it comes to rest, release the tight fist and gently stretch those fingers.……FINISHED !!!!

If necessary, the exit from the trance state can be accomplished any time by going through the steps listed above.

It may take you a little time to perfect the technique, especially if you are the ‘on the go all the time’ sort of person. Relaxation comes easier to some people than to others, so always bear this in mind.

Remember, if you want to make positive changes in your life, this relatively short use of your time can pay great dividends in the end. The beauty of it is that once you have practiced and mastered the technique, you will be able to enter the relaxed state much more easily and deeply.

Another point to remember is that everyone is capable of entering into a hypnotic state but just as we are all different, so is the ease with which we enter into a hypnotic trance.
Some will succeed on their first or second attempt, where as others may need many more attempts. It took me a week and a half, and about 15 attempts before I achieved a hypnotic state.

The motto is—PERSEVERE. It may take time, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

As I absolutely LOVE feedback..I like to know how people are doing..please feel free to comment...even if it's bad..

Until next time..thank you for visiting and reading..may the love and joy of the universe always find it's way into your life.

Developing Clairvoyance

Telepathy is from two Latin words meaning "Feeling at a distance" and many of the people you know may have this wonderful gift - in fact, you may already be a 'Telepath' and not even realize it! However, even if you do not yet posses telepathic powers, with the proper training, many of you can learn to develop your natural gifts - and even those who already posses telepathic skills can improve their capabilities.

I can't guarantee that you will become a gifted psychic - I can only show you the basic techniques which have been proven successful. The results which you obtain will be relative to who you are and consistent to your particular beliefs. Keep in mind that not everyone will be able to develop telepathic skills - a fact that is all so true.

The Basics:

A belief that telepathy is possible is essential.
A comfortable environment (not to hot or cold) is desirable.
Dim background lighting will help with the training exercise.
Eating a light meal prior to beginning the exercise is desirable but not essential

The Technique
Site in an upright and relaxed position. Take slow deep breaths (inhale slowly counting to five, hold for a count of two and exhale slowly again counting to five and again holding for a count of two).

Repeat this for six to eight cycles while you relax your body starting at the head and finishing at your feet.

Tell yourself that you feel your neck muscles relaxing, you feel your arms and hands relaxing, etc., until you finish with the feet and are completely relaxed.

When you feel that you are completely relaxed select 'Disk' and allow your eyes to softly focus on the black disk. After a few minutes you will begin to see the disk clouding over and you will probably see bright colors beginning to form on the surface of the disk. This is normal but, when you first see this you will think 'Wow, something is happening!' and you will break your concentration.

Simply return to your relaxed state and once again soft focus on the Disk - when you again see the bright colors do not pay any particular attention to them but allow yourself to continue on. If you are patient and continue to work with the Disk, you will begin to see images.

It is recommended that at each sitting you keep a log and record the images that you see. Only you can understand the meaning of the images and only you will understand their importance.
I wish you well as you begin your journey to new enlightenment!

Psychometry and How To Do It.

So, you've heard the term 'Psychometry', but what is it?

The term 'Psychometry' is attributed to Joseph Rodes Buchanan who, in 1893, used it to describe the obtaining of information by holding an object and psychically 'obtaining' it's history.

So, it's basically, holding or touching an object and 'sensing' the things that have happened to it, the places it has been and the emotions or feelings attached to it.

Psychometry has been used to help solve crimes, murders and missing persons cases, as well as 'reading' historic sites and locations, and there are quite a few books around that go into the subject in much more detail than I do here.
How to Develop Psychometry

There are ways to develop your psychometry abilities. This can be achieved by gathering a group of like-minded people together in a place where there are no distractions. Each person should have a pen or pencil and paper to record the readings.

Each person decides what his or her object will be used and places it on a central table. The chosen objects should be owned only by the person offering it, such as jewelry or a key ring. Antiques or articles that have been owned by more than one person should be avoided for use in psychometry exercises, because these multi-owner objects can contain the energy of multiple people and places, which may well confuse the 'trainee'.

To hone your psychometry skills, relax, keep an open mind, concentrate and 'tune in' to the object, this is done by touching or holding it.

Next, write down initial impressions, including emotions and physical responses. Don’t try to process them immediately. Allow impressions to flow; don’t try to force them. If there are too many initial perceptions, don’t respond immediately. Allow them to become clearer. If an impression makes no sense, record it because the meaning usually becomes clearer with time. Record anything that you sense, feel or see in your minds eye, you can refer back to it later.

When all impressions are recorded, each person participating in the exercise will express his or her impressions and the object’s owner will be asked to confirm or deny it. It's important to maintain a good attitude and you shouldn't be upset if most or all impressions are incorrect. Inaccuracy is not uncommon when first starting out and as people continue to develop psychometry, the impressions will become clearer and more accurate.

You need to remember, you are new at this, and it will take time to open the doors that have been shut up to now. As with any sort of self development program the key is practice!

You may, of course, want to practice and refine your skills with just a single friend. This may be an option if you don't like large groups, as you will feel more relaxed and able to open up, more so than with a group of strangers.

A Simple Meditation For Anyone.

Medical research has found that mediation can produce a number of remarkable physical and psychological benefits to the human body. Meditation:

* lowers blood pressure
* lowers blood cholesterol levels
* enhances the immune system, increasing the body's defense against tumors, virus, flu, colds & other infectious diseases

* helps asthmatics by allowing them to relax
* helps to reduce the intensity of pain
* improves the ability to study
* increases efficiency in problem solving
* increases creative thinking processes
* has a calming effect in times of trouble
* leads to a decrease in drug and alcohol abuse, and;
* decreases insomnia.

The list of benefits is endless, but hopefully this has demonstrated that meditation is a great tool for helping the human body maintain itself. It is also a necessity for communication with your inner guidance.

Anyone can learn to meditate. It is a state of mind achieved by the individual and, in being so, there is no " absolute" technique. It is what works best for you to help you achieve that state of oneness. It does not require any special talent or equipment. What it does require is an intent and desire to learn and the determination and discipline to follow through until you achieve results.

Here is a simple exercise for beginners as well as those that have been meditating for years:

* Allow ten to twenty minutes for this exercise.

* Choose a room where you are least likely to be disturbed. Disconnect the phone if at all possible. You may play some peaceful background music if it helps you to relax. Please choose instrumental only and something that has no words associated with it.

* Seat yourself in a comfortable chair. Place both feet flat on the floor, hands resting palms up in your lap. Sit as straight as possible but be comfortable and, above all, relax.

* Place a lit candle at eye level about two or three feet away from you. Make sure the candle is in a fireproof container and is in a stable position.

* Have the room as dimly lit as possible.

* Concentrate on the flame of the candle. Stare at it with a fixed gaze for several minutes. Keep your attention on the candle, and as thoughts come racing through your mind, gently force your attention back to the flame. Close your eyes and try to "see" the image of the flame. You will probably experience a black spot in the shape of the flame. Keep your attention focused on it, for it will begin to change colors. If you lose the image don't be discouraged, relax, stare at the flame with your eyes open, and then try again.

* The flame image will sometimes seem to move upward in your minds eye. This is perfectly natural. Just open your eyes and focus on the flame again for a few moments. You will eventually be able to control the drifting of the image. It is all part of the process.

* When you feel you have given it an honest effort, open your eyes and experience the sense of restfulness that should be present.

This is just an exercise in learning to let go. If you found yourself forgetting the candle flame and just experiencing calm peaceful blackness, congratulations, you have entered the meditative state.

Try to practice this at least once a day for a week. After using this technique for a while, you may find yourself beginning to naturally slip into a meditative state just after lighting the candle, which is a sure sign that you're progressing well.

As you begin to practice the art of meditation, it is important that you keep a detailed journal or diary about your experiences. You will begin to notice certain symbols, sensations, images, sounds or scents occurring on a regular basis during your meditations. Paying attention to these and making note of them will be the beginnings of your personal record of your own dialogue with your own inner guidance.

Happy Daily Miracles to You!

“Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives.”
- Deepak Chopra

Miracles are amazing and wonderful occurrences. Expect miracles and we just might be happily surprised. We should always expect great things and stop expecting the worst in every situation. To expect miracles, we must believe in ourselves and maintain our positive outlook. As staying positive is a habit, just apply positive thinking daily and you will attract all good and happiness to yourself.

Don't wait for happiness to come your way. Create happiness. It is easy to be happy, just decide to be happy. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Meaning, most people for most of the time can decide how happy or troubled, how bright or boring they want to be.

There are so many ways by which you can choose to be happy. However, the best way to is to show gratitude. We have so much to be thankful for. Show gratitude to the people in your life who have touched you, inspired you and taught you the important lessons in life. Say thank you. Remember birthdays or send flowers to those you are grateful to. Most importantly, tell your friends and family how important they are to you, and how much you love them.

Promote happiness by performing a daily gratitude exercise by listing a few things that make you grateful. This will increase the positive flow and will in turn influence others to be grateful too.

There will be difficult days that are full of obstacles, trauma and challenges. During these times, think of those who have taught you how to enjoy life. Expect miracles. Learn to count your blessings. Listing your blessings will magnify your positive attitude and emotions.

When anyone starts expecting a miracle they become so conditioned that they begin actually making miracles happen. They get on the miracle wavelength. Abilities become positively focused rather than negatively.

Just apply what you’ve learned about a positive attitude and avoid negativity by all means. Be your own positive, creative self and have fun. Your attitude will draw other people to you like a moth to a flame. The law of attraction is activated positively and any positive thinker with clear goals for good will activate the world around him positively.

By spending your days expecting miraculous things to happen, thinking in your mind that miracles will start to occur, you actually bring them into your life. Our thoughts generate our actions, and our actions eventually become the reality that we live out. You’re focusing on the positive rather than the negative. It’s similar to abundance - you begin to draw it towards you, instead of chasing it away. You have more emotional strength available to you than you ever dreamed possible.

Set your goals and take positive actions to get you where you want to go. Each time you accomplish a step towards a goal, pat yourself on the back. Congratulate yourself. Your self-esteem will improve and you’ll strive even harder towards your dreams.

Keep your dreams alive in your mind. Give yourself time and space to grow and learn. Believe in your own capabilities and be happy. Always see yourself succeeding at whatever that dream happens to be. There will be struggles, but always picture a successful outcome.

Happy Daily Miracles To You.

Monday, 15 November 2010

13th Century Buddhist Mantra: Key To Prosperity and Happiness?

Way back in the 13th century a Japenese Buddhist monk by the name of Nichiren Daishonen split from the traditional Bhuddists of the day as he believed their teachings were wrong.

His beliefs created a new branch of Bhuddism, with followers using the 'Lotus Sutra' chant to recieve enlightenment and earthly treasures, for these were the balance in life.

The simple mantra has been used for nearly 700 years, and has been effective for many people in shaping their lives. The belief is that the mantra 'opens' up the gateway to the universal power all around us, and so allows it to flow into our lives giving us what we desire or wish for.

The singer Tina Turner is one of its most high profile followers. In the 1993 movie 'What's Love Got to Do with It', an autobiographical film about Turner's rise to stardom and her relationship with her abusive husband, she chanted the Buddhist mantra famed for giving the key to universla attunement and the power of manifestation.

So what is this magic mantra that has helped so many people? And can it just have some truth behind it, having survived nearly 700 years?

You can 'perform' this chant while driving, cleaning, washing up, in the shower or bath, walking or anywhere else you choose. It can bring you what you want, but,maybe more importantly, it connects you to the universe, and you may begin to question what you desire. You'll still want the best in life, but you become more aware of what is truly important, what matters more. The good thing is you can also perform this chant for other people, just focus on the other person before you begin the chant. The main factor is to use it regularly, daily if possible, 20-30 minutes would be ideal, which will be easy if you use it when driving or doing mundane househild chores.

So what is this amazing chant that promises so much?


Nam rhymes with Pam and jam! It's pronounced just as the last part of the word Vietnam.

Myoho comes in two parts. Myo rhymes with go, and is pronounced m'o. Ho also rhymes with go. The whole word sounds like m'o-ho.

Renge is also a two-part word. The first part, Ren, rhymes with hen and sounds just like the last part of the word children. Ge is pronounced exactly like the word gay, and rhymes with hay and stay. The whole word sounds like ren-gay.

Kyo also rhymes with go, and sounds just like the last part of Tokyo.

This Mantra is powerful and will work to some degree with everyone, but only with sustained use, people generally see and feel changes in 2-4 weeks, but it does depend on the amount of time you find to say or think the Mantra.

Many people who chant NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO find that it helps them to become more happy and fulfilled as human beings, through acting more often in ways that are wise, and that recognise our profound connections to everything and everybody else.

Remember, when you find success and happiness.. you found it here first, so lets us know your stories, so that we can spread the word (and Mantra!) far and wide, and, oh yes.. donations would be appreciated!!

For an audio download on exactly how to pronounce the mantra click HERE

Here's wishing and hoping every success for you.