Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Positivity and Post-Its!

Positive suggestions have been used for thousands of years as a way to improve oneself.

Below are given a list of suggestions for various things you may want to achieve, I have tried to list the most obvious, but if you have any specific needs just follow the instructions given below.

You can use these suggestions on the recordings or when using the ‘Eye Roll’ technique. (See my next post!)
You can also use these suggestions in other ways. You can simply say them to yourself during the day (whenever you remember them!) This way will take a bit longer to get results, allow a month or two, depending on the frequency you use the affirmations.

You can also write them down. I use small stickers, like post-its,  if you have a computer at work, stick your affirmation or statement on it, you will see if many times during the day. (Another form of ‘subliminal programming’!)
You can carry your statement on a card in your wallet or purse, every time you open it, you see your statement. You can also draw a mini picture of your desired outcome on the card. It doesn't have to be a Rembrandt! A quick sketch will suffice, as long as it reminds you and allows you to imagine the outcome visually in your mind.

You can, of course, combine all the techniques for quicker results.
At the end of the day, how you proceed is your choice. Choose your own way, because the way you choose would always be the best for you.

1)      Always use the present tense
2)      Always be positive.
3)      Be specific.
4)      Keep it simple (single sentences)
5)      Use exciting, imaginative words.
7)      Be repetitive
8)      Be repetitive!!!!!

Below are some examples I would use;

For Smoking.
I have no desire or urge for a cigarette.
I detest the taste of cigarettes.
I am now a non-smoker.

For Weight Control.
I now eat more healthily.
I maintain my ideal weight easily.
I eat only at meal times.

For Confidence.
I am a positive, dynamic outgoing person
I have great inner strength and belief in myself.
I am immensely self-assured.

For Concentration.
I give my attention to one thing at a time.
I have enormous powers of concentration.
I have total and complete faith in my memory.

For Money Making Ideas.
Highly original and practical ideas for making money flow to me constantly.
I think positively and constructively about everything.
Money flows to me easily.

For Willpower.
I am strong, positive and resolute.
I am strong willed and decisive.
I have a will of iron.

For Changing Your Luck
I constantly enjoy good luck.
Good fortune constantly comes my way.
I am always positive and optimistic.

For Temper Control.
I am always relaxed and in command of myself.
I have immense self-control
I am forever peaceful and calm.

For better health.
My body is strong, robust and healthy.
I feel marvelously fit, healthy and strong.
My body has iron willed resistance against all infection.

For Attracting The Opposite Sex.
Members of the opposite sex are attracted to me.  
My personality is so dynamic that like a powerful magnet, members of the opposite sex are naturally drawn to me.
I have immense sex appeal.

For learning a foreign language.
I really enjoy and love learning the (French-or whatever) language.
I have a perfect understanding of (French) grammar.
I consciously remember everything I learn in the (French) language.

For Increased Psychic Powers.
I am deeply psychic and intuitive.
I have great psychic power.
I have the power to see into the future (or heal, dowse or whatever it is you seek).

The list can go on and on. You decide where you want to go, follow the simple rules and enjoy the getting there !!

The three most important things to remember are;
Be positive.
Be realistic
Be repetitive.

Follow the guidelines and change your life, it is as simple as that.
May I take this opportunity in wishing you all the best for the future. 

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