Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Sunny Tuesday Morning

I've always known I'm here, at this time, for a reason
That reason is to help people, any and all people find their path or route through life..and enable them to live this lifetime to their full potential.

I digress for a moment, but last night I was listening away to my music (which always inspires me to higher thoughts!) and was wondering which is the best way to help people. Which would be the best way to share my knowledge and experience?

It occurred to me the best way, the simplest way would be simply to ask!

Different people are at different points on their journey, so what suits or helps one, may be no use to another. Should I do a course or lectures? Should I do a video seminar? Should I write a book with a system?

All the above would be of use to some, but not to others... so in my semi conscious 2am state.. my guide said simply.. 'Ask Them!'

So, here I am today writing this post, asking you.. what would you like to know?

What questions do you have? Is there a site or a product (a book, a course etc) that you would like to recommend?

With a library collection of over 250 ebooks..and a whole lot of 'real' books, I can certainly recommend a reading list!!!

Anyway.. as I sit here, I can visualize many ways to help...so tell me, or ask me...

How Can I help You?

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