Thursday, 18 November 2010

Who Are You…Really??

I've been talking a lot lately about past life regression and hypnosis, and how the two can be combined and used to help people help themselves. Ultimately, we all have our own life path, or journey, to follow, so that we learn the lessons we came onto this plane to learn.

Regression and hypnosis can clear the path to discovering who you really are. Not the 'mask' you wear in this lifetime, but the face behind that 'mask'. You are not a 'businessman' or' woman', you're not an office clerk or production worker, nor a psychic or cab driver....

In my regressions, dreams and meditations I've 'traveled' to different times and places, but the one thing that remains constant is the 'observer' behind everything I've seen and felt.

That 'observer' is the soul, the life force, the higher consciousness that is really what I am. That soul that I am has only one 'emotion', that of love. Love of all things. That love is also felt as that everything is right and as it should be. Joy that, even though this life may be one of many, there is an eternity before me, as an eternity has already passed. To explain the feelings is truly beyond my capability in words. You need to experience it to know and understand.

So, to help you find that experience, I'd like to share a method I use.

I like to lay quietly on my bed, and have some relaxing and inspiring music playing. ( I personally listen to Enigma, Era and Enya amongst others). I then focus on my breathing, breathing in for the count of 7 through the mouth and out for the same time through the nose. When you finish breathing out, there's always a little bit of air left in your lungs, so really push that out as well before you breathe in again. I carry on this breathing technique for a couple of minutes, until I feel completely relaxed.

Then I use self hypnosis. I give myself permission (mentally) to allow my soul to travel to wherever it needs or wants to go. I follow this by progressive relaxation suggestions such as:

I am now relaxing, relaxing...every part of my body is now relaxing..deeper and deeper..realxing....unwinding and letting go...with every breath I take I relax..deeper and deeper...relaxing...unwinding...unwinding..deeper and deeper...sounds round about me just fade into the I relax..deeper and deeper...I focus only on these words as those sounds fade away...and I relax...deeper...deeper...totally relaxed.....

I repeat the suggestions above until I am totally relaxed. The in my mind, I 'imagine' ( or visualize) my mind 'expanding' beyond my body...I 'see' myself laying on the bed, and going throught the roof, then out into the stars. Once I am are 'out there,' if I want to see a previous life, I imagine a door in space. I tell myself that it's the door to a previous lifetime, open it and go through.

If I want to 'time travel' I 'see' a a sci fi channel 'worm hole'..and I go through it, knowing that I will go to where I desire to be.

You may well meet other souls on you travels, but you will always sense the presence of other spirits..these are usually you 'spirit guides and 'guardian angels.' The one thing I always notice is the love that I feel when I free myself from the physical side. I remember the film 'Ghost', where at the end Sam (Patrick Swaze) says it's incredible, you take the love with you. That is so true. Once you raise your consciousness, and 'unlimit' your mind, you connect with the universe..all that is..and you discover that two things matter. Love and Knowledge..I like to think of it as Knowledge of love and love of knowledge, because when both are applied, wisdom is the result.

To come back from your journey, just decide to return, tell yourself you'll remember every detail, and slowly open your eyes. When you truly connect to all that is, you realize there is so much more to you than what you previously believed. The whole experience changes your fundamental views of life and the people around you. You realize that your life is your creation, your choices, your responsibility and your lessons to be learnt. Most of all, you have more genuine love for everyone and everything. And you understand that the love you feel and radiate lifts the whole of creation a little higher up the evolutionary scales.

I always belive that those that seek will find, so if you're reading this, it was meant to be for a I wish you love and success on your travels, and would be more than happy to hear of any experiences you'd like to share.....

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