Thursday, 18 November 2010

Developing Clairvoyance

Telepathy is from two Latin words meaning "Feeling at a distance" and many of the people you know may have this wonderful gift - in fact, you may already be a 'Telepath' and not even realize it! However, even if you do not yet posses telepathic powers, with the proper training, many of you can learn to develop your natural gifts - and even those who already posses telepathic skills can improve their capabilities.

I can't guarantee that you will become a gifted psychic - I can only show you the basic techniques which have been proven successful. The results which you obtain will be relative to who you are and consistent to your particular beliefs. Keep in mind that not everyone will be able to develop telepathic skills - a fact that is all so true.

The Basics:

A belief that telepathy is possible is essential.
A comfortable environment (not to hot or cold) is desirable.
Dim background lighting will help with the training exercise.
Eating a light meal prior to beginning the exercise is desirable but not essential

The Technique
Site in an upright and relaxed position. Take slow deep breaths (inhale slowly counting to five, hold for a count of two and exhale slowly again counting to five and again holding for a count of two).

Repeat this for six to eight cycles while you relax your body starting at the head and finishing at your feet.

Tell yourself that you feel your neck muscles relaxing, you feel your arms and hands relaxing, etc., until you finish with the feet and are completely relaxed.

When you feel that you are completely relaxed select 'Disk' and allow your eyes to softly focus on the black disk. After a few minutes you will begin to see the disk clouding over and you will probably see bright colors beginning to form on the surface of the disk. This is normal but, when you first see this you will think 'Wow, something is happening!' and you will break your concentration.

Simply return to your relaxed state and once again soft focus on the Disk - when you again see the bright colors do not pay any particular attention to them but allow yourself to continue on. If you are patient and continue to work with the Disk, you will begin to see images.

It is recommended that at each sitting you keep a log and record the images that you see. Only you can understand the meaning of the images and only you will understand their importance.
I wish you well as you begin your journey to new enlightenment!

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