Monday, 18 February 2013

Timelessness of Spirit: A Message to Humanity

Isn't it strange the way the universe works sometimes? There I was, reading a book on ancient human history minding my own business when a voice started dictating me a message, and showed me 'images' of what the communication was all about.

So here's that message, that I was told was very important.The message was sent to me in many ways, and I will do my best to convert it into words only. It was deeply moving to me, as I received it on many levels. I hope my words open the channels to allow you the same understanding.

We are all one, we are all connected through that oneness. We can never escape that fact, it's a universal truth both from a physical and spiritual viewpoint.

'Our dearest friends, I would like to send an important message to you all. Your world is currently a place of much unrest, violence and much hatred. This negativity has and still is creating terrible consequences for many souls.

We would like to relate to you a truth, that once understood fully, will help raise all people, all souls to a higher level of understanding, love and cooperation.

We'd like to talk of just one negative, lost soul. This soul, in human form,was drawn into negativity by others, swept away in a tide of hate, lust, greed and the desire for power. They were responsible for the deaths of millions of people. They escaped any form of Earthly punishment. They did not escape the law of consequences.

This soul will, at some point, live ALL those lives he ended. They will feel the fear, the pain, the hopelessness of all those souls whose journeys they cut short. They will have to endure those millions of  lifetimes. They will also have to live the lifetimes of all those that were affected by their actions, not just those whose lives they ended. They will have to feel the sorrow, the loss, the emptiness and all that those left behind will have felt.

How will they lives these millions of lives? My dear friends, we are all one. Being one we must lives all lives, as there is no other soul that can. Time and space are human concepts, physical concepts that don't exist beyond your dimension. All those lives are lived simultaneously with only space and time creating the illusion of separation.  In truth, everything is timeless, infinite and beyond form and physical comprehension.

Where you are now, the 'body' you inhabit is where your 'concentration' is focused. Similar to when you drive, you rarely notice much around you..and can drive miles without realizing the distance you have driven as you were 'somewhere else.'

Our message is one sent out of our desire to lift humanity. Those amongst you who have lost your humanity, who inflict pain and suffering. we ask you to pause and reflect on these words. We can all help raise ourselves higher by doing to others what we wish for ourselves, because what we do to others IS what we will be doing to ourselves in other lifetimes.

Well, that's the message. I've put it the best way I can. I understand it but it came to me in more than words. It's the timelessness of it all that blows the human mind. We can't physically comprehend eternity and millions of lifetimes all at one moment. But the truth is the truth and that reality can never be changed.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great week ahead, and would kindly ask you to spread this message in the hope we can all do our best to make the world a better place for the children of today and for many generations to come.

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